Murano QA team helps deliver high quality
software throughout the development process

Zimbra is the third largest collaboration provider in the world, powering workforce communication with an integrated collaboration suite that includes email, calendaring, file sharing, activity streams and social communities, with technology designed for social, mobile and the cloud. A long time pioneer in innovative collaboration software, Zimbra’s powerful community development platform allows users to customize their community experiences and build award-winning applications on top of the platform.


The planned release of new versions of its multi-faceted software products stimulated the company to staff up the project team quickly. Because the products are extremely complex and have a broad test coverage matrix that includes three server operating systems, two database server versions and a broad range of browsers and other moving parts, Zimbra felt it was imperative to have the strongest and most rigorous quality assurance testing possible. They needed more depth and breadth of QA test expertise than they currently had in-house.


Zimbra extended its team with experienced Murano QA engineers, who quickly became an integral part of the in-house team, taking on exploratory testing and developing test cases. Murano QA also took a central role in getting automated test coverage over 13,000 Selenium automated web UI tests. In addition to their excellent professional skills, Zimbra’s technical management credits Murano QA with exemplary communication, self-motivation, the ability to learn quickly and work with minimal direction, and adapting to their development process, even as it was evolving.

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The successful cooperation between Murano QA and their internal team resulted in the timely delivery of high-quality new versions of the products, enriched with a wide variety of new and useful features. Murano QA continues to play a role in Zimbra’s ongoing product development. Zimbra software today is trusted by more than 5,000 companies worldwide, including global brands such as NTT Communications, Comcast, Dell, Cadbury, Investec, Rackspace, Red Hat, VMware, H&R Block and Vodafone.

Jim Holmes, senior technical manager, says:

Working on our software development project would offer a range of technical challenges to any QA engineer. I've thrown a number of hard technical challenges at our Murano team, and they've surpassed my expectations. They are capable of quickly taking my hints and moving off to do terrific things. The Murano QA team has given me great feedback about many aspects of our process to help improve our environment. I cannot overstate this enough: Murano QA has helped us transform how we build, test and ship our software.

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