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RealtyTech provides tools that enable Real Estate and Mortgage professionals to gain and maintain visibility in increasingly online, highly competitive markets, and differentiate themselves by providing superior service to their clients.


RealtyTech started out by building custom websites for real estate professionals, but this was labor intensive, time consuming, and with limited internal resources, they were very limited in how many clients they could handle. Plus the high cost of custom website development meant that the majority of real estate professionals simply couldn’t afford their service. To grow their business, they needed an automated website building system that could deliver the features their clients required, quickly and inexpensively.


With their internal technical resources already stretched thin, RealtyTech chose to augment their in-house team with developers from Murano. The Murano team members developed the Agent123 website building application to RealtyTech’s exact specifications, fast and affordably. The reliable, clear and constant two-way communication between the Murano and RealtyTech teams ensured that RealtyTech got exactly the application functionality they wanted.

& Benefits

The Agent123 application developed by Murano is now one of RealtyTech’s cornerstone products. It allows them to deliver well designed, feature rich websites to their clients at a small fraction of the cost of the former custom programmed sites, making them affordable for real estate professionals everywhere. Today, Agent123 is responsible for consistently bringing in both new and repeat business, resulting in increased revenue and significant business growth.

Richard Uzelac, CEO, says:

Murano’s development and implementation of Agent123 was very, very smooth, and Murano’s support is excellent. We highly recommend Murano, and will continue to do so. They are honest. They do quality work and they deliver real value.

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