With help from Murano, cloud provisioning and billing
now facilitates access to Windows Azure resources

Microsoft is one of the premier technology providers on the planet. As one of Microsoft’s elite Silver Certified Partners, Murano has an impressive track record of project collaboration with Microsoft.


As cloud computing began gaining in popularity, Microsoft wanted be in the forefront of this trend. They created Windows Azure, their first cloud computing platform, which would enable developers to build all kinds of cloud-based applications. To facilitate application development, Microsoft came up with the idea for the Cloud Provisioning and Billing (CPB) system, an application that would dedicate resources in Windows Azure to developers of cloud applications to streamline onboarding. They needed a partner with cloud expertise to help them bring their CPB vision to reality.


Murano was building a reputation as a leading expert in Windows Azure technologies, which made us a perfect match for collaborating on CPB. Our developers possessed the highly specialized expertise and top notch technical skills that Microsoft was looking for in a partner when CPB was conceived. Murano’s team not only successfully operated with new tools and techniques, but came up with some unique solutions along the way, which let them complete development faster than initially planned. Our team members made highly productive use of agile practices while working on CPB, with a focus on effective communication. Microsoft credited this tight collaboration as one of the core factors that ensured the great results of the joint development effort.

& Benefits

CPB became a powerful mechanism that now enables service providers to add value to existing Windows Azure offerings by letting their customers not only make direct use of their choice of Windows Azure resources, but by also adding their own resources to the offering. This gives more businesses an opportunity to take full advantage of the wealth of Azure cloud computing capabilities. Murano’s performance and significant contributions to CPB’s success clearly sets us apart as world-class experts in Microsoft's cloud computing technologies.

Aleksey Savateyev, Microsoft senior architect, says:

Murano is great partner to work with! The company has a talented team that always delivers quality code on time. They reach goals and meet the deadlines, regardless of the challenges they face along the way.

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