ICIX teams with Murano for developing
business critical applications

ICIX provides large global brands with business critical cloud-based SaaS applications that address fundamental supply chain risk and compliance issues, giving them the visibility they need to ensure regulatory compliance, product safety, product testing documentation and corporate social responsibility.


As a young company three years ago, ICIX's vision was to bring transparency, measurability, speed, simplification and repeatability to a complex set of global supply chains to deliver access to mission critical information, more effective collaboration, and more structured communication. Director of Engineering, Anatoli Trifonov, had to find a way to develop the innovative software that would comprise the core components of the ICIX solution set with a minimal start-up budget.


Anatoli reached out to his peers in other IT shops and received consistently positive referrals to Murano. Murano’s staff augmentation model, with its U.S. based managers and specially selected, highly skilled technical resources, sounded like a very cost effective option. Testing the waters with just one developer, he was immediately impressed with the high level of professionalism, reliability and exemplary communication. He now augments his in-house team with five full time Murano developers.

& Benefits

The Murano team today is responsible for developing, maintaining and enhancing the ICIX platform of software components which comprise over half of their solution suite. It’s a lot or responsibility, but Anatoli says that Murano has more than earned his trust, and that his Murano team members are integral to his ability to continue to cost effectively deliver the top quality software products ICIX depends on for its business success.

Anatoli Trifonov, Director of Engineering, says:

One of the things that truly sets Murano apart is their high level of professionalism – both the technical team members and the managers. Not only do they take direction extremely well, they are also proactive problem solvers. Our Murano engineers are fully engaged in all aspects of software development, from suggesting options for how best to do something to consistently delivering high quality solutions.

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